About the House



Welcome to our house in the Avenues of Salt Lake City.  The Avenues are an eclectic neighborhood located near the heart of the city with easy access to various fun neighborhoods and things to do.

Our house is a 100 year old bungalow which you will see many of in the area.  We love this house and its location and hope you will also.  It is meant to be a casual retreat from the grind of day to day life.  In keeping with that idea, we have two living rooms and no formal dining room.  There is a small table in the kitchen for a slightly more formal dining option.  You will also find an outdoor round table and four chairs on the side of the house for enjoying the back deck.   There is also a charcoal grill on the side of the house.

There are two bedrooms and lots of sleeping options.  One bedroom contains a full size bed along with a single bed containing a trundle bed.  When the trundle is pulled out almost the entire room is a bed.  In the drawers of the trundle bed you will also find an air mattress that can be set up in one of the living rooms.  The other room contains a queen size bed.

The house also has a well appointed kitchen that should meet your basic needs for cooking.  You might have to purchase some spices but be sure to check the cabinets first.  There is also a laundry room off of the kitchen with a washer and dryer.

Misc. Details:

Outside you will find the garbage cans on the side of the house.  There is a smaller green can for trash, two large blue cans for recycling and another larger green can for yard waste.  Yard waste can be placed directly in the bin, should you have any, and not in a plastic bag. The can should placed at the curb on Sunday night or early Monday morning.  The combination to the gate fence can be found in the house details you were sent prior to your visit.

Glass is not currently in curbside recycling in SLC.  You will find a small recycling bin in the laundry room.  Please be sure to rinse all glass items before placing them in the bin which will be picked up by our property manager.

There is also a charcoal grill with a starter column on the side of the house.  It is on wheels so I recommend moving to the back portion to use and returning to the side of the house prior to leaving.

We hope you enjoy your stay!